Many of our clients have realised that sending a trainer to train a group of staff is a very inefficient use of time and recruiting more trainers costs a lot of money. So what if you could virtually “photocopy” your training procedures and send them to all you departments as and when you needed to with regular updates.

Well you can, and not only that, with our interactive presentations you can run a test at the end of the film to make sure that the audience has acquired the necessary knowledge. You can also be sure that they have seen absolute best practice using trained people or actors for all re-enactments in an environment that you have dictated, rather than turning up on site only to find your presentation room is too small or you haven’t enough assistants to demonstrate with.

With a DVD or web based Training Video your message will get through time and time again exactly the way you want it. And you only need to provide the training once for the purpose of filming. Experience the freedom that our films will give your organization, call today to discuss your needs.