Our SEO is a 7 step process:

Website Analysis

We begin by reviewing your existing website in its design, structure and content. All of these are key to a successful SEO campaign.
We then check where you currently rank in the search engines and how much traffic you get as a result.
Finally we check out your competitors to find out what SEO it is they do that ranks so well.

Targets & Ambitions

We find out what you expect from your SEO campaign and what search terms you would like to rank for. We then look to achieve this over a certain period. This will of course vary with where you currently rank, what it is you wish to rank for and how aggressive an SEO campaign you want.
Is it about simply ranking higher for exposure? Do you wish to make more online sales? Perhaps building a readership or collecting data about your potential customers?
We set targets and monitor your progress to build a comprehensive SEO campaign that ranks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Keyword Research

We check to find out what you would like to rank for and find out if that is what your potential clients are actually searching for. These can often be two different things.
It is our job to analyse what these are and how we make best use of our SEO time to target each one. We expand on the list and report back to you with the various options.
Finally we get an approval on what keywords we should be targeting and get to work adjusting our campaign accordingly.

On Site SEO

Your websites content is restructured to compliment the keywords chosen, giving search engines the best chance of ranking you where you want to be:

  • Making sure the HTML is optimised.
  • All the tagging such as headings, images, links, and title/meta/alt tags corrected.
  • New navigation and sitemap.

These are all essential to making your website search engine friendly. We make your website as easy for the search engines to read as possible and maximising the opportunity to show them your website has content in abundance regarding what you want to rank highly for.

Content Writing

Sometimes the content is already of an SEO acceptable standard and simply needs tweaked to target the relevant keywords. More often the content needs rewritten and this can be arranged, again with all the keywords discussed inserted.
Landing pages are also created to allow the search engines to direct your potential clients to specific pages, allowing them to get the information they need faster, making them more likely to convert into customers.

Off Site SEO

Once everything is agreed and the websites on site SEO is completed, we begin on the off site SEO.
Starting with search engine and directory submission, then moving on to more advanced backlink strategies such as:

  • Social media.
  • Article submission.
  • Web 2.0 properties.
  • Social bookmarking.
  • High page rank backlinks.

This is where the majority of our work is focussed and is where the biggest difference is made between a successful SEO campaign and a poor one.


We show you where you are ranking and can tell you at every stage of the process. We also reassess everything we do to make sure we do more of what works and replace what doesn’t. We monitor the success you’re having with different keywords to find out what actually converts in the real world. Your keywords should be constantly evolving until we find the right balance to making the most from the online side of your business.