Recommended Companies in Edinburgh and Glasgow

We are always looking for ways to help our customers businesses, save money and become more successful, so we thought it would be a nice idea to give a shout out so some of our favourite business who have helped us out over the years or who we think need special mention because of the great work that they do for others.

Millennial Executive Coaching

Over the years we have changed our business from a small video production company to the full-service digital marketing agency that you see today. At key intervals, we sought advice and guidance from various coaches but it was Millennial Executive Coaching in Edinburgh that we kept returning to. They had the right mix of background and experience in technology and marketing. They challenged us to think out of the box at a very difficult time in the economic downturn. The choice was “diversify or die”, and we went back to our design roots and added a very profitable Web Design and Animation arm to our business. Since then we have never looked back, but we have always maintained our monthly sessions with Millex as we really believe that business coaching keeps us focussed. And it doesn’t matter that they are in Edinburgh as many of our sessions (probably 3 out of 4 are done across Skype, which we like… because we like technology). So, if you want to change your business for the better, be challenged about your way of thinking or just have someone to turn to for advice, you couldn’t do much better than Edinburgh’s Best Business Coach at Millennial Executive Coaching.

ACE Business Supplies

Choosing an Office Supplies Company for Stationery and other things such as furniture and printers is boring right. Well…. Yeah, it’s boring, but it is the one area of your business that can have an instant effect on your bottom line. We were paying top dollar to the likes of Viking and Staples, just because they sent a mailer through our door, but when we met Glasgow’s ACE Business Supplies at a networking event, they showed us the error of our ways. We were paying £15 for a box of paper when we should have been paying £11, we were buying branded toner when we could have been spending half as much on compatibles. The reality was we were spending around £300 per month on Stationery and Office Supplies for our Glasgow Office and we should have been spending around half that. ACE Business Supplies were so much cheaper than the competition it was almost unbelievable. We thought perhaps using a smaller company would many a shortfall on customer service but they are backed by a huge wholesaler that handle all product queries and invoicing so we didn’t notice a difference and the products are delivered far quicker too. So with the stroke of a pen (pardon the stationery pun) we signed up with ACE and ditched the competition. That was 6 years ago, and we have saved around £10000 pounds in that time, and I drive a much nicer car, thanks in part to ACE 😊


WOOSH Couriers

We were introduced to WOOSH by their sister company as we needed a Fast Glasgow Based Delivery Company. As a design agency (no matter that we work in the digital realm) there are times we need to send large files across town on a hard disk and it is faster and cheaper to send them by courier. We also send proofs for brochures and posters in hard copy or leaflets to customers. Often our customer wanted the item yesterday and we used to drive it over personally but this was not a good use of our time. So, we looked at Couriers in Glasgow but found them to be a little unreliable, WOOSH, on the other hand, are in our opinion Glasgow’s Most Reliable Couriers. We often call last minute and we are always given a pick-up time that is invariably accurate to within 5 minutes and more importantly, I told, our delivery is taken directly rather than routed in with other deliveries. So, I know even without asking that I can tell a customer that is half an hour away that their package will be with them in 30 minutes, not “sometime this afternoon”. And they must be one of the Cheapest Couriers in Glasgow too. I have had many a conversation with them about their pricing being on the low side and they just say, “other companies are over charging”. They’ve been around for 15 years so I guess if their pricing structure wasn’t working they would be out of business. Well thank goodness, they are still around as we would be struggling to find a better Courier Company in Glasgow than WOOSH.


We have known M3R business turnaround consultancy in Glasgow for many years now and while we have not had cause to use their services, we have known many companies (sadly) have. Whether it was a company restructure for a Glasgow Business, dissolution, personal insolvency or the like M3R always give the best advice. I am always surprised at how many companies that they have helped out of seemingly insurmountable odds (some self-inflicted problems, and others that have been forced upon them), but every time M3R seem to turn a chink of light at the end of the tunnel into a shining sun. Speaking with them I know that if ever I or someone close to me got into difficulty they would be the first company I would think of to help. Nobody wants to lose their business and M3R will fight every step of the way to stop that happening and often see you come out the other side far stronger and secure than before.

ATLAS Finance

Atlas are a client of ours and as such, I feel that we know their business inside out, but what I didn’t realise until visiting their Office for Financial Advisors in Glasgow was the sheer number of people they help all over the UK. Too many people go to the likes of Wonga for short term high-interest loans that are not much better than those on offer at our doors by loan sharks, and if they had only known about Atlas Finance they would know that there are numerous solutions to consolidating debt, or bridging finance that isn’t available on the High Street. I have recommended a couple of people over the years, not because they were in financial difficulty, far from it one case, but more that they were suffering a short term cash flow issue that was jeopardising a life goal. I put them onto Atlas who arranged finance and they got through the difficult patch without having to sell the farm. And now Atlas have many new products to bring cheap finance to Oil workers in Aberdeen, they are helping, even more, people in need.