Corporate Video

Whether you have widget or a major property development a sales or promotional film can make all the difference between obtaining orders and not selling at all.

Why use a promotional or corporate video when you have a brochure and website?

Well contrary to popular belief our films are invariably better value than a brochure, A corporate video can be updated more easily and the duplication costs for small and large runs are little in comparison to a bound brochure, even compared with an A4 Card, our duplication is cheaper. In addition our films can be integrated onto the web. We’ll even host it for you, create a player and paste the code into your site for you if you wish. Try that with a brochure.

Sales films can also be multilingual, demonstrate products still in prototype stage, used at conferences or one to one meetings, distributed by email, DVD or USB Memory Stick.

Oh and they’re broadcast quality as well, so what are you waiting for, call our corporate video department and boost your sales with one of our cost effective films today.