2D Animation Production & Infographics

Infographics and 2D Animation productions have become very popular in recent years. Anytime you switch on the news or use the Sky News App the chances are you are going to see some form of Infographic or 2D Animation production. Infographics, especially, have taken the place of the now hackneyed Powerpoint presentations. Companies from RBS to Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee are using our products to present information in an engaging way that before would not have been possible. We can create custom assets for bespoke we based productions or use off the shelf elements to produce a fast turnaround animation for a shop window. So you can have eye-catching seasonal animations in your retail unit or 2D Animations on your website that sets you apart from competition but doesn’t break your budget. Call now to discuss 2D Animations or Infographics to promote your products or services now.

3D Animation Production

From Architectural Fly Throughs to Design Concepts 3D Animation production provides a stunning solution.

All our products have the option to include photorealistic animation, which put simply means, we can include virtual representations of products, buildings or procedures in your film which will look to the viewer as if they actually exist.

Imagine the possibilities of seeing a real human being using a tool, that only exists on the designer’s page, as if it were really there. Just as is common place in Hollywood movies, you can now have computer designed elements in your films for a fraction of the cost.

And for the larger projects, why not have a fly through of a building or watch a car still in prototype race across the desert (did you know that in 90% of Car Commercials these days the car isn’t actually there!).

Don’t let real life get you down. Call our Corporate Video Department and get sales early by using virtual representations and 3D Animations of your products.

Character Animation Production

A novel way to promote your business with Character Animation Productions.

Kelpie Media has a BAFTA nomination for Animation Production and you can utilise our talented staff to produce all manner of character animations for your product or service.

Perhaps your project works with young children and you need to get an important message across in a sensitive but engaging manner or maybe your organisation requires training films which rely on the subject being filmed in dangerous circumstances. The answer is animation and it’s not just for the kids. Although the fact we are preferred suppliers for Education Scotland might make you think differently.

Whether you need lifelike 3D human figures, 2D or even animals and talking objects we can help. Just think of the many places you may have seen animation such as the Lurpak adverts, Pritstick, Lenor. The list is endless and you can have animation of this quality for your film or video at a very competitive cost from a BAFTA nominated team of animators.

Call our Corporate Video Department today to discuss your Character Animation needs.